At Innovative Building Solutions (IBS) our name defines who we are. We are true innovators of our trade. Our commitment to professional, honest and immediate response, combined with our financial stability, experience and resources, ensures that IBS is the most qualified company to handle your construction services & facilities maintenance needs. We have the ability and desire to think outside of the box to achieve the goals of our clients and find affordable, time sensitive solutions to the many challenges of our industry.

We specialize in the construction & maintenance of your facility, from the drains below the surface to the roof protecting your structure. We have the solution to whatever problems arise.



Richard Bass

In 1995 27 year old Richard Bass founded his own Homebuilding Company, now 20 years later in addition to building hundreds of homes, developing numerous neighborhoods & investment properties he has founded a commercial construction company specializing in the highly fast paced, fast track business of restaurant construction, remodeling, facilities maintenance & tenant buildout. Since 2013, our customers have come to know and trust Richard & Innovative Building Solutions (IBS) for our fast response, reliability and innovation. Richard is convinced that out working your competition is the number one key to being successful and we live it every day. Since 2013 (IBS) has completed hundreds of projects for our diverse group of nationwide clients and have expanded our footprint to include the entire southeast.

Bruce Marr

Mr. Marr has more than 35 years working with companies providing cutting-edge application solutions for a variety of industries and customers.  His background gives him a unique insight to our company and client needs, and is applying his expertise to solve a variety of issue for Innovative Building Solutions (IBS).


Neal has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years and has been in a management/supervisory role for the majority of those years. As a project manager/superintendent, Neal has participated in hundreds of construction and development projects throughout the southeast. Neal’s work includes commercial, QSR, casual dining, industrial, residential and multifamily housing. Neal handles all day to day field operations relative to construction for Innovative Building Solutions.

Frank Cain

Mr. Cain is a trained, independent Insurance adjuster who insures fast analysis of maintenance issues with the correct repair response.  He makes IBS competitive, in cost and response time, with local maintenance contractors.